Selected deals

We possess over 25 years of experience executing M&A transactions and capital events, covering the value spectrum from £10m through to £1.2bn, with a total deal value of over £7.5bn to date.

Selected deals, supported and led by Blacksquare Advisory

We provide tailored solutions to business owners and investors who are looking to buy or sell a company, or seeking to raise growth capital from external sources.

We focus on mature, profitable companies typically generating £2m+ of EBITDA targeting deal values of £20m+, and work on a small number of mandates at any one time, giving each the attention and dedication it requires to deliver the optimal outcome

  • Sale of Teledata to Datum
    "Blacksquare Advisory have an insightful understanding of commercial drivers coupled with in-depth market intelligence and reach. Their drive was invaluable in keeping momentum up, they took on an enormous amount of the stress from us and without which we could not have had this successful outcome.”

    Steven Strauss, Teledata
    teledata deal
  • YFM investment in Resulting IT
    “Blacksquare Advisory are exceptional corporate finance advisers. We have been impressed by their personable approach, and the support we received in navigating complex deal dynamics with professionalism and clear advice throughout, was second to none.”

    Mike Clarke, Partner, YFM Equity Partners
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  • Sale of Next Connex to Wifinity
    “I would like to thank the team at Blacksquare Advisory for their guidance and ensuring the maximum shareholder value. Selling your business is a very emotional experience which I certainly was not prepared for and without their professional advice, knowledge and expertise we would never have got the sale over the line.”

    Mark Fitchew, shareholder of Next Connex
  • BGF investment in Apprentify
    "It has been an amazing experience to work with Blacksquare Advisory. The attention to detail and support we received throughout the entire process was exceptional. Without them, we would have been unable to accomplish what we did."

    Paul Drew, Founder and Managing Director of Apprentify Group
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